about the company

Rabos de Lagartija is a group of 9 performers with varied theatrical backgrounds directed by Ana Fernández. The creative process is based on movement, sound and word improvisation, moving away from the need of making sense and allowing our full creative and spontaneous potential to be realized with the use of positive feedback as a guiding tool.

With just over a year we have created the pieces  Zigurat, La Noche Encantada, Invierno, Desarme y Magia y Corazón which have been performed in theatres, museums, art galleries, churches, flats, streets and natural spots in various parts of the Spanish geography. Our flexible approach allow us to adapt our work to so many different spaces while maintaining its essence intact. This makes for a very unique work that is always fresh and suitable for a wide range of audiences.

Our work has been awarded as Best Theatre Performance (TEA Festival 8th Edition, Toledo, Spain) and has been part of the following festivals: Danza Gijón 2012, IndiFestival Festival Independiente de Danza y Teatro de Santander 2013, La Xata la Rifa (Asturias 2012) and has been performed in independent venues such as La Casa de la Portera de Madrid, Sala Nudo Teatro de Madrid, Escena Miriñaque de Santander, Museo Barjola de Gijón and Museo Nicanor Piñole de Gijón.

We have been supported by regional and national institutions and have been invited to program events in spaces such as the Barjola museum in Asturias, take part in artistic and technical residence programs such as La Nave del Duende (Cáceres) or Laboral Centro de Arte y Creación Industrial (Asturias) and have also been supported by Cudillero’s council (Asturias).

We support artistic creation, promotion and investigation by co-organising twice a year the Independent artists showcase and the series of improvisations IMPROperio! which gather together artists from different disciplines and locations, making connections with institutions and both public and private cultural organisations (Museo Barjola de Gijón, LABoral Centro de Arte, Gijón, El Hervidero Gijón)

Our peculiar way of working is based on a spontaneity that opens the door to the creative flow through positive feedback. The techniques we develop as tools for our creative practice form the basis of the workshops that the members of the company teach.


Ana Fernández (Asturias 1972) BA (1st Class Hons) Theatre Arts-Contemporary Dance, Northbrook College-University of Brighton and PGCE Art & Design University of Brighton.  Ana has studied scenography with  Andrew Nisbet, physical and vocal improvisation with Al Wunder and Andrew Morrish, Action Theatre with Kate Hilder, butoh with Atsushi Takenouchi y Mim King and physical theatre with Yael Karavan and Tanya Khabarova (Derevo). During the last decade she has worked as dancer and actor in a number of international companies such as The Karavan Ensemble and the South-Korean choreographer Ji Park. She has also presented her solo works in diverse festivals and venues in England and Spain. She is a dance, physical theatre and improvisation teacher and has taught extensively for the last 20 years from children to University level in a variery of educational and artistic centres. She co-founded Coachwerks in Brighton and ran the theatre space there.

Live music and photography:

javi2 Javi Otero (Asturias 1978) studied Political Sciences (Santiago, Spain), Hummanities (Salamanca, Spain), Photography and Digital Imaging (London Thames Valley University), Mathematics (Oxford University) and graduated in Music Technology with tripple distinction (Brighton University). He has worked as touring and studio musician for various artists (Spain, Italy, Iceland and UK) and as photohgrapher, designer, in music composition and production for independent artists (Miriam Elia, Lee Westwood, Atención Tsunami, David Scharf),  for theatre (Coachwerks, The Karavan Ensemble), radio (BBC), television (Channel 5), films (Berlin International Film Festival, Ibiza IFF) and publicity (Red Bull, Tommy Hilfiger).  Prizes: BBC “new talent award” London 2007; BERLINALE “Talent Campus” Berlín 2008; SENE FESTIVAL “Best animated film” Rhode Island 2010; SICAF FESTIVAL “Grand Prize” Seul 2010.


 Laura Laura Cueto (Asturias 1962) studied contemporary dance and classical ballet at  The Ballet Studio (Galicia), London Contemporary Dance School “The Place”, Urdang School, London and in the following dance schools: Carmen Senra, Lola Grande, Carmen Roche y Olga Mesa in Madrid and drama with Arnold Taraborrelli and Etelvino Vázquez. She has worked as a dancer for Cia. Olga Mesa, Madrid y as performer in “Enredando por la Casa” by Gema Ramos, Espacio Líquido – Gijón. As a choreographer she has created  “Por el desván de mi infancia”, with Elisa Torreira, presented at the University of Guanajuato (México), and diverse museums and galleries in Asturias.
 foto lavapies Izar Gayo (Asturias 1982) graduated in Performing Arts at ESAD Asturias. She has also studied with Sandro Cordero,Carles Montoliu, Sergio Gayol and Mira Rychlicka (Kricoteka, Tadeusz Cantor). She has studied dance and physical theatre with Fernando Hurtado, Ana Serna, Pepe Hevia, Roberto Olivan, Daniel Abreu, Martin Padron and Koen de Preter. She has worked as an actor for many theatre companies such as Nun-tris producciones, and Alfred Kirchner. She has also worked in the television and film industries in various short films and with Pablo Vara in “DHA”.
 sofia (1) Sofía Fernández (Asturias 1973)  has  worked with a number of dance, music, physical and textual theatre companies in Spain, France, and the UK, being The Karavan Ensemble, The Whodowudoos and Transient Dance Theatre the most recent ones. She holds a BA (1st Class Hons) Theatre Arts-University of Brighton and PGCE Art & Design-University of Birghton. She has taught workshops and courses in different artistic and educational centres. She has also developed her practice in varied forms of physical expression with Kate Hilder, Yael Karavan, Miriam MIM King, Sally E. Dean, Ana Fernandez, Ji Park, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Alister O´Loughlin, Anna-Helena McLean and Sachiko Fullita.
Daniel Franco (Asturias 1976) Multiindisciplined artist. This is his first step after a prolonged silence retreat in a monastery. He has developed his work according to what he himself has named “huelga de celo” (zeal strike) studying with artists such as Masaki Iwana, Moeno Wakamatsu, Catherine Diverres, Elena Córdoba and Mónica Valenciano. He has created the company Baba de Plata with Marianela León Ruiz teaching workshops and performing in Spain and abroad.
 Angie Angélique López (Vilvoorde, Belgium 1991) At 8 flamenco classes for a year. At 10 studying music and violin for 8 years. At 14 in Brussels Performing Arts School (kunsthumaniorabrussel) for 4 years. At 17 dance classes for 1 year. At 18 studying at Asturias Performing Arts School (ESAD) for 3 years. At 20 in the art world. Forever.
 baja_calidad Marta Medina (Asturias 1971) works as a multimedia designer, interface designer, e-learning teacher, contemporary dancer, contact improviser and videodance artist.  At the moment she works with a variety of artists in the development of short theatre pieces, centred around physical and audiovisual experimentation. She often collaborates in a variery of performance events taking place in her region and she is actively engaged in the organization of performance platforms and dance events.
 image  María Sánchez (Euskadi 1991) A world of colours, sparkles and dreams, together with the void. I was born in a city in the North on a 31st December that had 20 minutes left. Guerrilla father, hippie mother, a balanced family beyond the conventional. Hopes, eager to never grow, growing internally but not externally, body. Investigating, exploring, living adventures, discovering; these make me who I am today:  an organised chaos, with everything ahead of me, eagerness, hopes. Desired inmortality.