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“Art in pure state” Tomás de Andrés from e-innova


Rabos de Lagartija is a visual poetry company that combines contemporary performance languages ranging from physical theatre, butoh, dance, installation and sonic arts. Our work belongs to the realm of the abstract, the simbolic and the absurd creating ephemeral moments of dreamlike theatre.



Salvia Mater invites you to cross the line between the visible and the invisible and to dive in a parallel world in which to pleasurably walk through. The audience will be able to follow a candlelit path and find various scenes inhabited by characters that may have visited them in their dreams. Salvia Mater is an invitation to reflect about love, death and the elusive place where one can find the sage of life, deconstructing passages from Eduardo Zamacois’ text, Impresiones de Arte, written around the year 1900.

The name Salvia derives from the Latin salvere (“to feel well and healthy, health, heal”), the verb related to salus (health, well-being, prosperity or salvation); the meaning of Salvia is “whole, healthy”.


“Just for once we were not scared of the darkness. The voices, the bodies close to one another, the applause, the expressions of amazement and surprise, the cheers of the crowd and the sound of the steps of hundreds of people transformed San Francisco Park into a gigantic house without doors or windows where the people from and not from Oviedo enjoyed the performance Salvia Mater, with 21 artists including musicians, actors and dancers, all members of the company Rabos de Lagartija, who filled every corner of the park with sensitivity, a park only lit some of the time by lighters and mobile phone screens, most of them in silent mode so as not to interfere with the development of the performances”. Ana Paz Paredes, Newspaper La Nueva España.

Comments from the audience:

“…at 22.30 I headed towards San Francisco Park to see the show that Rabos de Lagartija had prepared for the occasion, Salvia Mater: more than 20 artists including musicians and performers creating mysterious scenes at various spots in the park, perfectly selected, and with a beautiful light design plus hundreds of candles at both sides of the path indicating which ways to go. The scene at the round pond as one of the most beautifully striking, a woman joining with string several cymbals that were being played creating different tensions, which was reminiscent of an old spider creature weaving its web. At the sweet stall was a woman posing with lots of plastic legs sticking out everywhere while a victrola plays music. Further ahead a goblin-like girl hanging up above from a tree was delivering her speech about bravery, creation and happiness while she performed impossible postures from her harness. There was also a chrysalis, characters moving inside the remains of a tree, a master of ceremonies going from one corner of the park to another. But my favourite scene was happening at the pigeon loft where a boy was talking about the bizarre controversy that days before had occurred about the picture chosen for the event poster, the woman with the washbowl. Other times he was responding to what the people were saying to him, or he would sit down and chat with a little girl or play granny’s footsteps. The place suited this character perfectly and everyone remained there like trapped. I must have been there for 40 minutes but time flew and all of a sudden the lights went off and we all went down to a corner in the park where all the performers were meeting to dance, which we could intuit more than properly see and the end came with us not knowing whether what we had seen had been reality or a dream.” by Federico Granell.

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Rabos de Lagartija would like to thank the following people who have supported us in many different ways: Carmen Sandoval, Alicia from Hervidero, Mariate, Joaquin from Esad, Rebeca Martín Tassis, David y Juangra from la Nave del Duende, Gemma y Alberto from TEA, Elisa Novo from Asociación de Profesionales de la Danza de Asturias.

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