Rabos de Lagartija members teach workshops and regular classes in their areas of expertise. They are unique workshops because they focus on the participants’ creative development, personal tools and artistic language. You will find workshops on improvisation, performance making, dance, butoh, gymnastics and acrobatics, voicework, sound, talks… All RdL members are highly qualified to teach and have many years of experience under their belt. To know more about the teachers please click here. Please visit this page regularly as we will be updating the information. If you would like to enquire about our workshops please contact Ana. Should you come from abroad (outside mainland Spain) we can arrange accommodation for you.

These are examples of workshops we have led:

Movement workshop: in transit
“Change is the only constant”

With Ana Fernández, director of award-winning theatre and dance company Rabos de Lagartija, physical theatre and dance teacher BA Theatre Arts (1st Class Honours) and PGCE (Northbrook College- University of Brighton). Live sound Javi Otero, Rabos de Lagartija musician.

This is a workshop to learn to listen to how change regulates our lives and to allow its positive force to move you. Cultivate within you the qualities of change to increase the movement available to your body and discover your expressive potential.

Dates: 6th to 9th December
Place: Oviñana, Asturias, Spain. 20 minutes from Asturias airport (direct flights from Stansted)
Price: 60 Euros (reduced price thanks to support from the local council- Ayuntamiento de Cudillero)
Accommodation: local apartments for 4 people at 17 Euros per person per night.
Further info and registration:
Only 20 places in this workshop, book now to avoid disapointment. Closing date: 26th November

The 8 trigrams of the Book of Changes (I Ching) represent the opposing forces of nature that regulate continuous change. Through improvisation, we will be inspired by each trigram to create qualities of movement and understand the process of change in oneself in a positive way. We will study 8 ways of dissolving stagnation and thus discover new ways of moving.

The forces that regulate nature also govern us: we are nature, we are made of matter and energy and thus we are volatile and react to the environment in all its ways. We may experiment conflict with opposing forces or we may get stuck with one of them. By getting to know the diverse forces that govern us, we might understand change as something positive and necessary which will lead us to increase our possibilities.

An intensive workshop in nature in Spain with award-winning Rabos de Lagartija (Best Performance Price at Toledo Independent Theatre Festival)
Lamuño- Asturias (Spain) from 10th to 16th September 2012
Price: from 280 to 350 (please continue reading)

You will find detailed information about the workshop and teachers below
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Oleiros Beach- Lamuño – Cudillero – Asturias

“The creation of something new is not accomplished by the intellect but by the play instinct acting from inner necessity. The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.” C G Jung.

This workshop is for dancers, actors, performers, musicians, artists, business men and women, therapists, social workers, educators, retired people, housewives and househusbands and people without previous artistic experience of any age and condition who may wish to develop their creativity. EVERYBODY WELCOME.

The Creative Body is an intensive workshop led by the members of Rabos de Lagartija (Lizard’s tails), a physical theatre company directed by Ana Fernández. The aim of this workshop is to faciliatate tools and provide stimulii that will contribute towards the development of the participant’s creatiave potential. The workshop will provide resources and techniques for making our thinking processes more flexible, overcome habit, unlock the creative potential within and widening the range of actions and possibilities. The morning activities will take place in a 100 m2 venue with huge windows flooded with natural light. The afternoon activities will take place in the natural surrondings: beaches, rivers, mountains and forests.

The workshop includes daily sessions of Sound Induced Relaxation with Javi Otero (RdL musician), Movement, Sound and Voice Improvisation with Ana Fernández (RdL director),Creative Writing with Sofía Fernández (RdL performer), The Present Voice with Izar Gayo (RdL actress), LandArt, Appreciation of Textures in Nature with Daniel Franco (RdL artist and dancer) and Movement in Nature (Butoh) with Ana Fernández and Daniel Franco.

“…  I’ve felt renewed in the course and I’ve found a sense of enjoyment, trust, something like devotion in my own resources” a workshop participant.

Place: Lamuño, Asturias (20 minutes drive from Asturias airport), a small village in the western coast of Asturias, Northern Spain, right at the heart of nature. Three wild beaches are nearby (Concha de Artedo, Oleiros and San Pedro de la Ribera) and the mountains are only 6 miles away (Sierra de los Vientos, Aguión Peak and Llan de Cubel mount)
Dates: 10th to 16th September 2012. Arrival 10th September at 19:30. Arrival and welcome 10th September 19:30. Introductory talk 20:00. Course ends on 16th
September 17:00
Accomodation: Very spacious bungalows for four people with kitchen, living room, two twin-bed rooms, garden, bbq, bed-linen, towels and cleaning service. Close to food store where you can buy your own food.