ZIGURAT – BEST THEATRE PRODUCTION Award, TEA Festival 8th Edition, Toledo, Spain

“Art in pure state” Tomás de Andrés from e-innova



You are entering a dream, let your heart guide you


“A spectacular work always deserves recognition. Zigurat took us into a dreamy world filled with bizarre and hilarious sensations. A true pleasure for the senses, coherent in time and intensity”
Gemma Diaz del Campo- TEA Festival Organization

Step down the stairs to your inner world and enter a dream place where nothing is what it seems. Let the soundscapes rock you and contemplate the haunting characters that inhabit the other side of the mirror. Dive in the land of the dreams and search for parts of yourself. The ziggurat door opens to show you the reflection of the gods and goddesses that live within. Which direct your life?


Artistic direction:

Ana Fernández

Live music:

Javi Otero


Rabos de Lagartija

Costume design & attrezzo:

Rabos de Lagartija


Laura Cueto, Izar Gayo, Ana Fernández, Sofía Fernández, Daniel Franco, Angelique López, Marta Medina y María Sánchez

“Intriguing, stimulating, disconcerting” – “Imaginative, creative, inspiring” Audience members


Promotional video:


Zigurat is a celebration of being human. It is a vertical bridge between heaven, earth and the underworld. It is inhabited by all the gods and goddesses that we are, who make us who we are, and which we reach through our dreams. Zigurat is a journey to our most profund fears and desires, diving into that which makes us who we are, that which inhabits us. And Man created god in his own image and likeness.

Zigurat’s starting source are the archetypes of the collective unconcious, present in the mithology, traditions and tales of all cultures; the carriers of ancestral knowledge about the human psyche. Through the study of these archetypes and the symbols associated with them we have created ephemeral moments of theatre, poetic, fragmented, just like our dreams.